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'Free-from' lists from supermarkets and companies

'Free-from' lists covering own-label products are available from Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco and Safeway. These lists cover the standard ingredients covered by the UK Food Intolerance Databank, plus peanut and nuts. Asda contributes data on its own-label products to the UK Food Intolerance Databank.

Some of the major food companies also provide 'free-from' information on their products direct to customers. Most of the major food companies will provide peanut and nut-free information to their customers directly.

Coeliac Society gluten-free lists

The UK Coeliac Society has been providing information and advice to its members for many years. The Society compiles its own 'List of Gluten-Free Manufactured Products' annually and this is available from its head office in High Wycombe.

Self-help groups

There are a number of self-help groups that offer information and advice to sufferers. In the UK, the British Allergy Foundation and the Anaphylaxis Campaign are among the most important. The British Allergy Foundation provides information, advice and support to allergy sufferers, including a helpline, a regular newsletter and leaflets. The Anaphylaxis Campaign works to raise general awareness of severe food allergies and provides general advice and a video on anaphylaxis, as well as producing a quarterly newsletter.

In the United States, the Food Allergy Network provides a wide range of assistance for food allergy sufferers, including general advice, product alert information, plus a video and a bi-monthly newsletter.

Company information

Individual companies may have their own policies regarding labelling of potential allergens at this time, and information may be available to the public by means of direct communications or by printed material.

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