Project timings and partners

Work commenced on the project in September 1993 and the project ran for a total of 36 months, ending in August 1996. Coordinated by Leatherhead Food

RA, the project had partners in nine European countries - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands and Portugal. In order to ensure a broad representation of views in each participating country, a National Databank Team was established in each participating country. The team comprised a National Databank Coordinator, who represented the team on the EFID project, together with representatives from industry organisations, dietitians and key food manufacturers. The role of the National Databank Team was to assist the National Databank Coordinator in the development of the databank, and to adapt the general principles of the European team to reflect national characteristics. Whilst the UK and Dutch databanks provided the model on which each national databank was based in terms of broad concept and format of data, scope was provided for each databank to reflect the particular character and eating habits of the country.

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