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Most food products sold through retail channels are packaged in such a way that ingredients lists on products provide an easy way for allergy sufferers to check the suitability of that product for their particular diet. Where products are sold without packaging or the packaging is removed before being presented to the consumer, the communication of the suitability of that product for allergy sufferers becomes more difficult. Both the catering trade and some areas of retail are areas where the communication of the suitability of products for allergy sufferers is extremely difficult, as foods are sold without labels showing the detail of the ingredients they contain. Allergy sufferers must take it upon themselves to check the suitability of any foods for their particular diet, and if in doubt at all about a particular product or dish they should avoid it.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has prepared a list of guidelines for catering establishments to raise awareness of the issue of food allergies and to help caterers provide information for sufferers. This is equally applicable to small retail environments. An extract from the recommendations is provided in Fig. 8.3.

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