Ingredients covered

The UK Food Intolerance Databank currently covers the following ingredients and additives: milk, egg, wheat, soya, BHA and BHT, sulphur dioxide, benzoates and azo colours. The list is, however, under regular review. For example, in light of recent concerns about peanuts and peanut oil, the possibility of including information on peanuts has been discussed. The main problem in adding a peanut or nut category concerns the severity of reactions to minute quantities of peanut or nut and a belief by many food manufacturers therefore that this information should not be released to a third party. By restricting circulation of free-from peanut lists to named customers, a company is able to notify the individuals directly if there is a recipe change or contamination problem. Future developments planned for the databank, however, may make inclusion of nuts and other allergens in the Food Intolerance Databank possible.

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