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There is an increasing number of publications and CD-ROMs that act as reference sources for UK, EC or international food legislation. These include the Leatherhead Food RA publications Guide to Food Regulations in the UK, EC Legislation and International Food Legislation Manual, all available in hard copy or in CD format. Traditionally recognised publications such as Bell and O'Keeffe's Sale of Food and Drugs and Butterworths in the UK are valuable reference sources. The Eurolaw CD-ROM enables ready reference to proposed and actual legislation.

In 1999, the Food and Drink Federation in the UK published Food Allergens Advice Notes. These summarise the current legal position with regard to labelling of allergens and liability issues and provide advice regarding handling allergenic ingredients in the factory and use of defensive labelling.

In 1993, the Food and Consumer Products Manufacturers of Canada (FCPMC) in association with Health Canada and the Allergy and Asthma Information Association produced an industry training programme called 'Allergy Beware'. The purpose of the programme, which includes a teaching guide, a video and a factory audit checklist, is to raise awareness about anaphylaxis in the food industry.

The Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) at the University of Nebraska provides analytical services, information and training to the US food industry on issues related to food allergy.


Many countries now publish information about actual and proposed legislation on their official websites; some also publish the text of official journals, even if for only a limited period, enabling the Internet searcher to keep up to date with developments in the country concerned.

Many of the organisations listed above under 'Publications, CD-ROMs and training materials' have websites on the Internet, which provide background information on food allergy as well as details on their services to industry.

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Food Allergies

Food Allergies

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