Food intolerance databanks

Many countries throughout Europe have food intolerance databanks managed by a central group, with information provided by companies. They collate information from various food manufacturers and produce comprehensive lists of products free from the key allergens. In many cases the booklets they produce (milk free, egg free, etc.) are available to health professionals, especially dietitians, who are then able to work with sufferers of food allergy to help them select suitable foods and also meet their nutrition requirements. The lists provide useful compilations of products suitable for particular diets, but are not without their pitfalls. Often they are updated only on an annual basis and risk becoming out of date even whilst they are still being issued. Additionally, they are not suitable for information on nuts and peanuts, as such information can quickly become outdated and is more dangerous than useful, for the reasons outlined above.

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Food Allergies

Food Allergies

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