Distribution of raw and semifinished materials

The distribution of raw materials from their site of packing or production to the factory where they are used also represents an additional risk area for cross-contamination. The transport of allergen-containing ingredients needs to be undertaken with care to ensure that traces of these are not transferred to other raw materials. They should be transported and stored in fully sealed containers to reduce any risk of spillage, and clearly labelled so as not to be confused with other ingredients. Any risks of cross-contamination need to be identified and noted so they can be marked on the label of the finished product. Colour coding of packaging is a useful way of segregating and identifying allergen-containing ingredients. A standard colour can be used for the packaging and containers in which the ingredient is stored and for the equipment associated with the production of products containing that ingredient (such as trays, moulds, dishes and brushes). A colour coding system must be robust to ensure that confusion does not arise. A standard colour should be chosen for use through the supply chain and this should be applied and adhered to rigidly. Induction sessions to new employees must include detailed instructions on any colour coding procedure.

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