Canteen and restaurant facilities

The control of allergens extends from the production line itself to all areas of food provision within the manufacturing site. This includes canteen and


Welcome to our factory.This site uses peanuts and hazelnuts in some products. Peanut or hazelnut dust is present in the air within certain areas of the factory. If you suffer allergic reactions to either peanuts or hazelnuts we recommend that you do not enter these areas of the factory at all. Please speak to your contact at this site for information regarding areas where peanuts and hazelnuts are used. If you are in any doubt at all regarding your susceptibility to peanuts or hazelnuts we advise you to avoid these areas.

Fig. 8.2 Typical factory advice sheet.

restaurant facilities as well as snack and coffee bars in factories and retail environments. All the controls outlined here for food manufacture apply equally well to food provision in a catering environment. Allergens should only be present in products where a sufferer would expect to find them, and information should be available for allergy sufferers to consult to assess whether a certain dish is suitable for their specific diet. If in doubt the allergy sufferer should be advised to avoid the dish and choose another option. The handling of allergens in the catering trade is discussed in more detail later in the chapter.

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Allergic To Everything

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