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Fig. 12. Parasternal short-axis view (PSAX) showing markedly dilated pulmonary artery (diameter = 5.82 cm) in this 52-yr-old female with chronic pulmonary hypertension and chronic cor pulmonale (A). Continuous-wave Doppler of the tricuspid regurgitant (TR) jet in pulmonary hypertension and chronic cor pulmonale corresponds to pulmonary artery systolic pressure of 77 mmHg plus right atrial pressure (B). Large TR jet fills right ventricle (RV) and enters inferior vena cava (IVC)—(color flow Doppler, PSAX view, C). Note flow reversal is also evident in the dilated intrahepatic veins on Color Doppler (D). This was confirmed on pulsed wave Doppler (arrow, E).

Table 3

Estimation of Right Atrial Pressures by Echocardiography

Parameters of right atrial hypertensiona

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