The myeScreencom Portal

In the eScreen model, the digital information record begins when the employer orders a drug test online, schedules the event at the collection site via the portal at, and the collection site has the complete donor information "pre-accessioned."

The donor's failure to appear within the prescribed time frame, usually 24 h, results in an e-mail to the employer, and a flag on the collection site record to cancel the collection. If the collection proceeds as scheduled, the laboratory, MRO, administrator, and employer have pre-accessioned data of the eScreen drug test, and know whether they should expect a specimen or result in the coming days. Exception reports can be generated to alert the service providers that the specimen or result has not been received when expected, before the customer calls looking for a missing result. is a robust application service provider (ASP) software model, allowing employers to manage their drug-testing programs from beginning to end at their desktop. Report generators create standard and customized reports detailing turnaround times throughout the drug-testing process, results statistics, random selections, exception reports, CCF files, and background screening results.

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