The eScreen123 Software Runs the eScreen System

The eScreen system consists of a suite of hardware installed at the point of collection. The hardware suite consists of a Windows PC, monitor, eReader (Fig. 2), signature capture device, barcode reader, and laser printer. The PC is connected to the Internet, preferably via a broadband connection, and runs the eScreen123® (eScreen) software platform. The eScreen123 (Fig. 3) software is a Web-based application allowing each of the service providers—e.g., the collection site, laboratory, MRO, and administrator—to access their respective portion of the drug-testing record in real time throughout the drug-testing process. The collection site portal allows the collector to check in the donor, if not previously scheduled by the employer, based on a set of rules previously established by the system and embedded in the software. Collector screens guide the collector through the specimen-collection process, and require the completion of the custody and control form (CCF) elements. The date and time, collection site location, collector name, and so on are automatically filled in by the software. Failure to complete each step of the CCF is detected by the software, which prevents completion of the process until the required fields are completed. Once the collection is completed, the specimen is sealed and the barcode number of the specimen is captured via a barcode reader. No preprinted paper CCFs are required for the eScreen system. The donor and collector sign via the digital signature pad, and the CCF is built "on the fly" and secured via a third-party verification system. This prevents changes or tampering with the CCF record.

The CCF document is now viewable online by each authorized party in real time, and the donor may be dismissed. The collection site does not have to fax or mail the MRO copy or employer copy. A copy can be printed at the collection site for the donor, and a second copy will accompany the specimen to the laboratory in the event of confirmation testing.

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