The eCup

The eCup™ (eScreen) (Fig. 1) is a specimen-collecting device with an internal aliquoting pump to sequester an aliquot when the lid is closed onto the cup. The aliquot pump is a double-walled syringe designed to pump the sample aliquot up onto the two LFDOA test strips and adulteration strips. Adulteration strips (see Chapters 13 and 14), which contain tests for pH, creatinine, and nitrite, reside in the eCup lid in a third test-strip slot. The eCup has a unique patented lid label with an integrated tamper-evident seal. The label and seal are bar-coded with a unique specimen number. This is the specimen number used to create the electronic custody and control form, and to track the specimen and result throughout the testing process. Additional barcodes appear on the label to direct the eReader™ (eScreen) (discussed later) to decode certain coded information from the test-strip configurations, as well as lot numbers of cups and test strips. eCup test strips are integrated into the eCup lid. Cup designs that have test strips in the specimen collection container could

What Escreen123
Fig. 1. (A) eCup™ in cross-section; (B) eCup lid. ▲ ■)
Ecup Drug Tests
Fig. 2. eReader™.

result in donor tampering. eCup lids remain sealed until the donor returns with the specimen, when the lid is selected and opened in the presence of the donor and collector. The eCup collection container has guide rails on the lid and a banjo-shaped bottom to guide the cup into the reader base and eliminate rotation of the eCup in the reader.

What Escreen123
Fig. 3. eScreen123®.

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