Test Cup OnSite Devices Gaining Popularity

For urine on-site lateral-flow devices, there are basically four formats:

1. Cassette device, in which urine specimen is transferred from a collection cup to a sample hole on the cassette for testing;

2. Dipstick device, in which the lateral-flow test strip in a holder is dipped into sample in a collection cup;

3. Dipcard device, in which multiple test strips are bundled together in a card-type holder and dipped into a collection cup;

4. Test-cup device, in which test strips are incorporated into the collection cup.

Test-cup devices are preferred, because they are convenient and eliminate much of the possibility of operator exposure to urine specimens. However, as a result of the complexity and cost of manufacturing, cup devices are historically higher in price. With the decreasing prices of on-site devices, cup devices are now affordable to most users, and hence there should be a continuous increase in their use.

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