Sweat Tests

Of all the test specimens discussed in this chapter, sweat remains the least employed in Europe (4). For now, Germany and the United Kingdom represent the most advanced markets in Europe for sweat-based DATs. In Germany, the main end-users are the non-health care sectors, including customs officers, traffic police, and prison officers. Similarly to oral fluid-based tests, collection of sweat specimens on site avoids the necessity of a public toilet or hospital. Although sweat patches are known to be in use in the United States, sweat samples in Europe are mainly collected by swab-POC devices. Despite the fact that they are cheaper than oral-fluid tests (4), it is believed that utility of these DATs will remain minimal over the near future, even in Germany and the United Kingdom. This is mainly because sweat tests exhibit only a weak correlation with impairment (6,7) and have limited exposure in the media.

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