RA, see Receptor assay Radioimmunoassay (RIA), principles, 36 Receptor assay (RA), principles, 41, 43 radio-receptor assay, 43 RIA, see Radioimmunoassay Roadside testing, see ROSITA ROSITA, aims, 273 device testing, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity, 279, 281-285 cost comparison, 276 study methods, 276-278 types of devices, 274, 275

validation, 279, 280 difficulty of roadside testing, 286-288 drugs and medicines affecting driver performance, 274 influence on drug testing field, 289, 291

limitations of study, 285, 286

official partners, 273

practical and operational aspects of roadside testing, 285 rationale for study, 272 recommendations, specimen preferences, 288, 289 traffic safety role of roadside testing, 288 ROSITA II, detection limit findings, 289, 291 Drugwipe® device cut-off value confirmation, 166-169 overview, 289, 290 specimen comparison, 275, 276 target drugs, 275

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