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Diagnostic Window = Drugwipe Positive

Fig 7. Mean plasma concentrations of two volunteers after administration of 100 mg of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). The time window where Drugwipe® was positive is indicated as "diagnostic window."

wipe test results were positive between 2 and 12 h after drug administration. Later measurements were negative. It is notable that the 2-h time point corresponds to the time of maximal physiological and psychomotoric effects of MDMA. These effects last for at least 6 h unless there is a repeated administration. The results of this pilot study support sweat testing with Drugwipe for monitoring MDMA use in the early hours following drug administration.

3.2. Roadside Trial Study and Field Operation in Germany (7,8)

In 1998, the German government extended existing traffic regulations to include testing for drugs of abuse. Following these legislative changes, traffic police in Germany undertook an evaluation of Drugwipe as a sweat test for roadside applications. Selected traffic police units were equipped with and trained in the application of Drugwipe. At the same time, police officers were also trained in the recognition of driving impairments as an initial screen for drivers under the influence of drugs. Suspected drivers were subjected to Drugwipe sweat testing. Blood samples were also taken as the standard for comparison. All blood samples were analyzed with GC-MS.

Within the time frame of the trial, 96 individuals were tested for the following drugs: cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines/methamphetamines. Drug-wipe detected 62 positive cases, whereas GC-MS test results from the blood

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