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*Urine test date according to Quest Diagnostics' Drug Testing Index for workplace drug tests performed January to December, 2001 by Quest Diag. (data source can be found at http://www.

*Urine test date according to Quest Diagnostics' Drug Testing Index for workplace drug tests performed January to December, 2001 by Quest Diag. (data source can be found at http://www.

for screening of presumptive positive samples. These presumptive positive samples are then confirmed using a combination of GC and MS. In the early days of drug testing, urinalysis went through a series of changes and modifications until reliable and legally defensible procedures were established. In many ways, oral-fluid testing has followed a similar path, with some exceptions. In oral-fluid testing, significant advances in screening and confirmation technologies have allowed the use of comparatively minute amounts of sample with similarly reliable results. In addition, positive oral-fluid testing can be indicative of a more recent time frame of drug use. It is expected that future technological development will make it possible to correlate oral-fluid testing with drug impairment and not just drug presence, as is currently possible with blood samples (12-16).


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