Detection of Peroxidase Activities in Adulterated Urine

Valtier and Cody (24) described a rapid color test to detect the presence of the adulterant Stealth in urine. Addition of 10 |L of urine to 50 |L of tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) working solution followed by addition of 500 |L of 0.1-M phosphate buffer solution caused a dramatic color change of the specimen to dark brown. Peroxidase activity could also be monitored by using a spectrophotometer. Routine specimen integrity check using pH, creati-nine, specific gravity and temperature did not detect the presence of Stealth in urine. If a urine specimen adulterated with Stealth is added to 1% potassium permanganate solution in water, the pink color of potassium permanganate turns colorless immediately after addition of a few drops of 2-N hydrochloric acid (Dasgupta et al., unpublished data).

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