Drager DrugTest®, advantages of oral fluid testing, 133, 134

clinical studies and validation, 142, 143

cut-off values, 138 design, 134-137 principles, 138, 140 Drug courts, see Criminal justice system

DrugTest®, see Drager DrugTest® Drugwipe® device, amphetamine testing in sweat vs saliva, 171, 172 cut-off values and ROSITA II

confirmation, 166-169 design, 162, 163

methylenedioxymethamphetamine testing, saliva, 170 sweat, 172, 173 principles of test, 163, 164 reader, 166

roadside study in Germany, 173-175 saliva sample collection, 165 sweat sample collection, 165, 166 technical features, 164, 165

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