Preface v

Contributors ix

Chapter 1 Historical Aspects of Drugs-of-Abuse Testing in the United States

Lawrence A. Reynolds 1

Chapter 2 Specimens for Drugs-of-Abuse Testing

Leo J. Kadehjian 11

Chapter 3 Drug-Testing Technologies and Applications

Jane S-C. Tsai and Grace L. Lin 29

Chapter 4 The Use of Nitrocellulose Membranes in Lateral-Flow Assays

Michael A. Mansfield 71

Chapter 5 Antibody-Label Conjugates in Lateral-Flow Assays Paul Christopher, Nikki Robinson, and Michael K. Shaw 87

Chapter 6 Lateral-Flow Assays: Assembly and Automation

David Carlberg 99

Chapter 7 Oral-Fluid Drug Testing Using the Intercept® Device R. Sam Niedbala and Keith W. Kardos 115

Chapter 8 Dräger DrugTest®: Test for Illegal Drugs in Oral-Fluid Samples

Stefan Steinmeyer, Rainer Polzius, and Andreas Manns 133

Chapter 9 On-Site Oral-Fluid Drug Testing by Oratect®

Raphael C. Wong 145

Chapter 10 Saliva and Sweat Testing With Drugwipe®: A Review Franz Aberl and Robert VanDine 161

Chapter 11 Hair Analysis in Drugs-of-Abuse Testing

Michael I. Schaffer and Virginia A. Hill 177

Chapter 12 Instrumented Urine Point-of-Collection Testing Using the eScreen® System

Murray Lappe 201

Chapter 13 Adulteration of Drugs-of-Abuse Specimens

Amitava Dasgupta 215

Chapter 14 Adulteration Detection by Intect® 7

Raphael C. Wong and Harley Y. Tse 233

Chapter 15 Drug Testing and the Criminal Justice System: A Marriage Made in Court

John N. Marr 247

Chapter 16 Drug-of-Abuse Testing: The European Perspective

Alex Yil Fai Wong 259

Chapter 17 The Results of the Roadside Drug Testing Assessment Project

Alain Verstraete 271

Chapter 18 Trends in Drug Testing: Concluding Remarks

Raphael C. Wong 293

Index 297

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