(Impatiens noli-me-tangere). The common name and the specific are borrowed from the words Christ spoke to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection (see John. xx. 17). The same caution applies in a French superstition recorded by Sebillot. 1906; It seems that girls were made to touch this plant. If she was not a virgin the flower would recoil and fade at once.

It has the usual balsam method of explosive seed distribution, hence names like Jumping Betty, or Jumping Jack (Parish), as well as Quick-in-the-hand, that is, alive in the hand (Prior). It has been used as an external application to get rid of corns and warts (McLeod), and a decoction is prescribed in herbal medicine to treat piles (Schauenberg & Paris).

Tradescantia x andersoniana > SPIDERWORT

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