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A Devonshire charm for the thrush was to take three RUSHES from any running stream, and pass them separately through the mouth of the infant, then plunge the rushes back in the stream. As the current bears them away, so will the thrush go from the child (Burton). A French charm for thrush in infants was to put a piece of PRIVET in flower over the chimney piece. When this dries up, the child's thrush will also have dried (Loux).

In Indonesia, root juice of the Red Silkcotton Tree (Bombax ceiba) serves as a mouthwash and gargle to treat thrush in infants (L M Perry), and in Alabama, the root of POKE-ROOT was used for the complaint, by, of all things, putting it in whisky and giving it to the child to drink (R B Browne). In the same area, PERSIMMON bark was stewed and mixed with honey for use as a mouthwash (R B Browne).

SAFFRON tea is used in American domestic medicine as a mouth wash in cases of thrush. Mohegan Indians used the mashed leaves of CREEPING LADY'S TRESSES (Goodyera repens) to prevent thrush in infants (Weiner).

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