(Tamarix gallica) "It was of old counted infelix, and under malediction, and therefore used to wreath, and be put on the heads of malefactors" (Evelyn. 1678), because it was one of the trees reckoned to be the one on which Judas hanged himself. Once a tall and beautiful tree, it is now reduced to a shrub by divine malediction (A Porteous). They say that the ghost of Judas always flits around the tamarisk. But in Morocco, it was used as a charm against the evil eye (Westermarck), and in Egypt it was a holy tree, for it was chosen to overshadow the tomb of Osiris; the chest containing his body was found by Isis lodged in its branches (Elworthy. 1895). On one tomb, a bird is depicted perched among the branches of the tamarisk, with the legend "the soul of Osiris". It shows that the spirit of the dead god was believed to haunt his sacred tree (Frazer).

Tamarix gallica > TAMARISK Tamus communis > BLACK BRYONY Tanacetum balsamita > BALSAMINT Tanacetum parthenium > FEVERFEW Tanacetum vulgare > TANSY

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