Tabasco Pepper

(Capsicum frutescens) The fruit produces Cayenne Pepper, though this is "an indiscriminate mixture of the powder of the dried pods of many species of capsicum, but especially of the capsicum frutescens ..., which is the hottest of all" (Thornton). Cayenne pepper is standard seasoning among Mexican Indians, the Totonac among them, who also use it as a remedy for magical malviento and malojo [evil eye] in children (Kelly & Palerm). In Africa, a way of detecting witches is by Guinea Pepper, which may be C annuum, or perhaps this C frutescens. "You light a fire under the tree where the witches habitually meet, and you put pepper into the fire. If there is a witch on the tree and the smell entangles her, she can't fly away and will be found on the tree in the morning" (Debrunner).

Tabernanthe iboga > IBOGA

Tagetes erecta > AFRICAN MARIGOLD

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