Snakes Head Lily

(Fritillaria meleagris) Snake's-head, from the shape of the flower buds, while Fritillary comes from the Latin fritillus, a dice-box; it is a reference to the chequered flowers, and to the chequer-board on which the dice were thrown. One of the names for this plant is Bloody Warrior, which looks odd; it seems that it was one of the flowers which were supposed to grow from a drop of Dane's blood. Another name is Leopard Lily, and that looks just as strange, until Lazarus Bell is considered. It is named after the small bells that lepers were made to carry about with them, so that they could warn the healthy of their approach. Hence, too, Dead Man's Bell (Leyel. 1948). As Friend. 1883

pointed out, Leopard's Lily is just a corruption of leper's lily.

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