Siberian Larch

(Larix sibirica) The larch was a sacred tree among the Siberian Tungus. It is the tree Tuurn, in which the soul of the shaman is reared. The souls lie in nests in the boughs, and the higher the nest in the tree, the stronger will be the shaman who nests in it. The rim of the shaman's drum is cut from a living larch. At each séance the shaman plants a "tree" with one or more cross-sticks in the tent where the ceremony takes place, and this tree too is called Tuurn. According to their belief, the soul of the shaman climbs up this tree to God when he shamanizes, for the "tree" grows during the rite, and invisibly reaches the summit of heaven (Joseph Campbell).

Silene dioica > RED CAMPION

Silene latifolia > WHITE CAMPION

Silene vulgaris > BLADDER CAMPION

Silphium laciniatum > COMPASS PLANT

Silybum marianum > MILK THISTLE

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