LOVAGE was eaten at one time in Scotland to combat scurvy (Grigson 1955), and in the Highlands ROSEROOT was also used (Fairweather), but it is BUCKBEAN that is most often associated with the disease, and it seems to have been of prime importance in combatting that once-dreaded condition. BITING STONECROP "hath the signature of the gums" (!), and so was used for scurvy (Berdoe). Hill, in the 18th century independently advised that "the juice ... is excellent against the scurvy and all other diseases arising from what is called foulness of the blood", and a strong decoction of DAISY roots was used for this disease in the 18th century (Hill. 1754), as were the leaves of GOOD KING HENRY, ground up in water (Porter. 1974). The combination of BROOKLIME and WATERCRESS has been praised in the past as being very good for scurvy (Gerard; Hill, etc.,)

Scutellaria galericulata > SKULLCAP Scutellaria lateriflora > VIRGINIAN SKULLCAP SEA ASTER

(Aster tripolium) Ancient Greek writers reported that it changed its colour three times a day (hence tripolium), white in the morning, purple at noon and crimson in the afternoon (Pratt). One of the old names for this plant was Toadwort (Hulme. 1895). The Ortus Sanitatis has "when a spider stings a toad and the toad is becoming vanquished, and the spider stings it thickly and frequently, and the toad cannot avenge itself, it bursts asunder. If such a burst toad be near the toad-wort, it chews it and becomes sound again: but if it happens that the wounded toad cannot get to the plant, another toad fetches it and gives it to the wounded one". Topsell vouches for this having been actually witnessed! The error seems to have been the confusion between bubo and bufo. The latter is the toad, but bubo is a swelling in the armpit or groin (Prior), presumably to be treated with this herb.

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