Scented Mayweed

(Matricaria recutita) An annual of waste places, with white flowers whose petals hang down soon after opening, a fact that makes sense of the specific name recutita, circumcised. A glance at the profile of the flower will soon tell one why. The main use of the plant is medicinal, though it is harvested in the Debrecsan region of Hungary, where it grows in great quantities, for inclusion in hair rinses (Clair). Mayweed, or Maydweed, is from OE maythe, from the word meaning maiden, for this and other similar plants bearing the name have been used in complaints like painful menstruation (Fluck). But the plant has many other uses, as a tea made from the dried flower heads is used for all stomach upsets (Fluck), as well as for such varied complaints as insomnia, rheumatism, sciatica, gout, and so on. Externally, the infusion is used in compresses applied to slow-healing wounds, and for skin eruptions like shingles and boils (Fluck), or eczema (W A R Thomson. 1978).

Schinus molle > PERUVIAN MASTIC

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