(Santalum album) A fragrant oil, called Oil of Santal, is distilled from the heartwood for use in perfumery and cosmetics. The paste that can be got by rubbing the wood on a stone with a little water is used for painting the body after bathing, and is also used for making caste marks, especially in south India (Pandey). The Chinese make joss sticks from the wood (Usher), and incense from the sawdust, mixed with swine's dung(!) (Moldenke & Moldenke). The oil is used for the treatment of urinary complaints and sexually transmitted diseases, and heartwood is sliced and used in Chinese medicine for abdominal and chest pains, i.e., angina (Geng Junying). In Indian mythology, it is described as surrounded by snakes, but it is a sacred tree, and the devotees of Vishnu apply a paste made from it on their foreheads. Hindu funeral pyres are made from it if the family is rich enough to afford such a luxury (Upadhyaya).

Sanguinaria canadensis > BLOODROOT

Sanguisorba officinalis > GREAT BURNET

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

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