A manuscript of somewhere around 1680, from Lincolnshire, advised that "for a teter or ringeworme, stampe (LESSER CELANDINE) and apply it to the (griefe (?)) and it will quickly cure you (Gutch & Peacock). In Iowa, a tea made from TOBACCO juice was drunk to cure the condition (Stout). American Indians would use the decoction of the fruit of SMOOTH SUMACH as a wash for the complaint (Lloyd). Mexican Indians have used TREE CELANDINE leaves soaked in alcohol to bathe ringworm of the scalp (Kelly & Plerm). HOUSELEEK has been used, too, for this is a protector from fire and lightning, and so would be used against the "fiery" diseases, too. A gypsy remedy for ringworm is to boil houseleek, and then to dab the affected part with the water. Even POISON IVY has been used to treat the condition; various Californian Indian groups used a mash of the leaves for the purpose (Weiner). SUN SPURGE is another plant used in decoction for this condition (Dyer. 1889; Trevelyan), and so is GROUND CYPRESS (Santolina chamaecyparissus). In Portugal, the root of WHITE ASPHODEL is a specific against ringworm (Gallop), a treatment that seems genuinely beneficial.

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