(Dacrydium cupressinum) A tall New Zealand conifer, with red timber, stained, in Maori mythology, by the blood of the water monster, Tuna-roa, killed by Mairu (Andersen). Rimu, the name by which it is usually known, is what the Maori call it. They pulped the bark to apply to burns, and the gum, which, incidentally, is the reason for naming the genus Dacrydium (from Greek Dakrydion, a tear), which is a reference to the drops of resin (Leathart), was used to stop the flow of blood from a wound. A lotion for bathing wounds was made by cutting the bark into pieces and boiling them in water. Early settlers in New Zealand rubbed the juice from cut stems over bald heads; they found it an excellent hair restorer (C Macdonald).

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