In the Isle of Man DROPWORT (Filipendula vulgaris) was an ingredient in the preparation of rennet for cheese-making, and for binjeen (junket). Best known, though, is LADY'S BEDSTRAW, and it bears a number of names to prove it. Rennet itself (Runnet in Kent (Parish & Shaw)) is one of them, and Cheese-rennet, Cheese-renning, which Gerard used, and Cheese-running (Prior) are further examples. It is Keeslip in Scotland (Grigson. 1955), with the same meaning, and Curdwort is also recorded (Britten & Holland). Gerard wroite that "the people of Cheshire, especially about Namptwich, where the best cheese is made, doe use it in their Rennet, esteeming greatly of that Cheese above other made without it".Double Gloucester cheese traditionally has Lady's Bedstraw, and nettles, in its composition (M Baker. 1980).

Reseda lutea > WILD MIGNONETTE

Reseda luteola > DYER'S ROCKET

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