Red Deadnettle

(Lamium purpureum) There is an American saying that if deadnettles are in abundance late in the year, it is a sign of a mild winter to come (Inwards). A very odd belief is quoted by Lupton: "Cast the water of any sick person, newly made at night, on red nettles, and if the nettles be withered and dead in the morning after, then the sick party is like to die of that disease; if they be green still, then he is like to live".

When children had measles, red deadnettle roots were boiled in milk for them to drink. This was reckoned to bring out the rash (Vickery. 1995). That was an

Irish remedy, and there is one from East Anglia for piles, when the plant was infused in white wine for an hour. A wineglassful would be taken two or three times a day (V G Hatfield. 1994). The rest of the medicinal uses are taken from the earlier herbalists. For example, from the 15th century, "to heal wounds full of blood. Stamp red nettle in a mortar with red vinegar (?), and lay on the wound: and it shall do away the blood and cleanse the wound" (Dawson. 1934). This is in fact an old remedy for "stopping the effusion of blood" (Pratt), and Hill, in the 18th century, was recommending such a cure. There was a recipe for boils in Reliquae Antiquae (14th century), and Gerard recommended it for the King's Evil, which is scrofula, and also as a poultice for wens and hard swellings. Another of Lupton's suggestions was for constipation, using red deadnettles (and mallows). The plants had to be boiled in water, and then the party was advised to ".sit close over the same, and receive the fume thereof up his fundament, and it will help him certainly and speedily (God willing)".

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