(Rubus idaea) An ever popular and healthy fruit. Even to dream of them was reckoned a good sign, for it meant success in all things, happiness in marriage, and the like (Gordon. 1985). Raspberry leaves were used in the same way as those of bramble, for sore throats and stomach upsets. "The leaves of Raspis may be used for want of Bramble leaves in gargles ."(Parkinson. 1629). The leaves, boiled with glycerine and the juice drunk, is an Irish remedy for thrush (Maloney), and raspberry leaf tea was an old remedy for relieving morning sickness; it was also said to help labour, in fact it is a general country drink taken to ensure easy childbirth. It should be started, so it is said, three months before the birth is due, and taken 2 or 3 times a week (Page. 1978; Beith). Powdered leaves, in tablet form, can be bought - they help relaxation in childbirth, so they say, and the fruit will have the same effect. Gerard wrote that "the fruit is good to be given to those that have weake or queasie stomackes", something that had already appeared in Langham. Distilled raspberry water was given in Scotland as a cooling drink to feverish patients (Beith). Then there is raspberry vinegar, made by pouring vinegar repeatedly over successive quantities of the fresh fruit - this was at one time a favourite sore throat medicine (Fernie).

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