SQUINANCYWORT, which is actually Quinsy-wort, provides an astringent gargle to treat the complaint. In much the same way, BLACKCURRANTS, also good for the condition, were known as Quinsy-berries (Newman & Wilson). HONEYSUCKLE - Coulton quoted a 14th century manuscript, prescribing for "hym that haves the squynancy" a remarkable amount of disgusting rubbish, but containing as an ingredient "gumme of wodebynd". SANICLE leaves, which are astringent, can be used in infusion as a gargle for sore throat and quinsy (Wickham), and Coles advised that the leaves of ORPINE "bruised and applied to the throat cureth the Quinsy ...". Inhaling an infusion of WOOD SAGE was a Yorkshire remedy for the complaint (Hartley & Ingilby), and it is still used in homeopathy for the same illness (Grieve. 1931). American Indians would make a decoction of the fruit of SMOOTH SUMACH to use as a gargle for the complaint (Lloyd). CAT'S FOOT (Antennaria dioica) is another plant used for the condition (Grieve. 1931).

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