One of the names of SMALL-LEAVED LIME (Tilia cordata), and preferred by Rackham. 1986 as the common name for this tree.

Pteridium aquilinum > BRACKEN Pterocarpus angolensis > BARWOOD Pterocarpus indicus > AMBOYNA WOOD PUCCOON

(Lithospermum angustifolium) One of the North American species whose roots yield a red dye, or paint, rather, often used by the Indians for painting dressed skins. The fresh root would be dipped into deer's grease and rubbed on the object to be painted, which may often be the human face (Teit). So the name Indian Paint (Elmore) is easy to understand. People like the Cheyenne used the root by grinding it fine, and rubbing the powder on an affected part as a remedy for "paralysis", or they made it into a tea to rub on the head or face of a patient who was irrational as a result of illness (Youngken). The Zuni used it with some ceremony, by grinding it in the morning in the patient's room, on a special grinding stone, used only for this ritual. The remainder of the plant would be made into a tea. This medicine was for sore throat, and for swelling of any part of the body (Stevenson). The plant was also used in Alabama domestic medicine, as a lotion after ther roots had been boiled in vinegar. This was to treat eczema, and the root tea would be used for rheumatism (R B Browne).

Pulmonaria offiicinalis > LUNGWORT Punica granatum > POMEGRANATE PURL

At one time, WORMWOOD was used in the preparation of all sorts of medicated wines and ales. One of them was called purl, "which hard drinkers are in the habit of taking in the morning to go through their hard day's labours" (Thornton) - this was wormwood mixed with ale. (see also ABSINTHE)

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