(Prunus domestica) Like a lot of the Prunuses, it flowers early, in fact in Chinese symbolism, it is the emblem for January, and thus for spring (Savage. 1954). But a Welsh superstition says that a plum blooming in December foretells a death in the family (M Baker. 1980). Dreaming of plums has mixed meanings; if they are ripe, it is a good sign. But if the dream involves gathering green fruit, it means a lot of sickness in the family (which result is only reasonable, one must assume). And if one is gathering fallen plums, already rotten, then it is a sign of false friends, unfaithful lovers, and a change of position to poverty and disgrace (Raphael). Nevertheless, it is a symbol of fidelity, and independence, in Christian art (Ferguson).

Plumbago indica > SCARLET LEADWORT Plumbago zeylanica > CEYLON LEADWORT Plumeria alba > FRANGIPANI PNEUMONIA

There is a remedy for pneumonia that involves putting an ONION in each armpit (Beith). The Mano of Liberia use GOATWEED (Ageratum conyzoides), reduced to a pulp with a little water, to rub on the chests of children with pneumonia. They also use the seeds and buds of MELEGUETA PEPPER for the complaint (Harley). A powder made by pounding the leaves and bark of the African tree CATCHTHORN (Zisyphus abyssinica), is used to rub into incisions made on the chest in cases of pneumonia (Palgrave & Palgrave). A root decoction of MARSH MALLOW (2 cups a day, hot) is often prescribed in Russian folk medicine for the illness (Kourennoff). ELDERFLOWER wine was used in Wales for the illness ("drink it as fast as you can; 'tis better then any doctor" (R Palmer. 2001) ).

Pogostemon patchouli > PATCHOULI

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