Plantainleaved Everlasting

(Antennaria plantaginifolia) Another American species that is supposed to cure rattlesnake bite (Sanford). But the Indians used it for genuine medicinal purposes. They made a tea from the leaves for women to drink for two weeks after giving birth (H H Smith. 1928), and also a tea from LESSER CAT'S FOOT (Antennaria neodioica) (H H Smith. 1945). African-Americans in the southern states used to steep the leaves with some corn meal, and use the mixture to ease menstrual pains (Puckett). 'Ladies' Tobacco' is a name given to this species (Sanford) (and also to Cat's Foot); 'Indian Tobacco' is another (Grieve. 1931), these names imply that the dried plant must have been smoked as a tobacco substitute, and found to be too mild, if "Ladies" is to be believed. Love's Test is another name (Bergen. 1899), for this was a plant used in love divinations. A leaf has to be taken by the ends, while the operator thinks of someone of the opposite sex. The leaf then has to be pulled apart. If the down on its underside is drawn out long, much love is indicated. Or both ends may be named, and the one whose end has the longer down on it shows who is the more ardent lover.

Platanus x acerifolia > LONDON PLANE

Platanus orientalis > ORIENTAL PLANE

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