(Hydrocotyle vulgaris) A plant with a very bad reputation, regarded with suspicion, quite rightly, for it is extremely damaging to livestock. As Gerard said, "husbandmen know well, that it is noisome unto Sheepe, and other Cattell that feed thereon, and for the most part bringeth death unto them ...". Many of the local names reflect this reputation, for it is Penny Rot, or Farthing Rot, even Shilling Rot in Scotland, an inflated value. Many of the diseases caused by this plant are collectively called 'rot'. There are Sheepbane, and Flookwort too, the plant that causes the fluke worms that result in liver rot in sheep, and so on. The only good recorded of the plant is a sunburn remedy, prescribed by the Physicians of Myddfai: "for a sunburn ... take Marsh Pennywort and cream, half and half, and boil on a slow fire till it becomes a thick ointment, keep it in a box covered".

Pentaclethra macrophylla > OIL BEAN

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