(Pyrus communis, which is Choke Pear, one of the parents of the cultivated pear). It is the symbol of affection, and of comfort (Leyel. 1937). Dreaming of the ripe fruit is a sign of riches and happiness; if unripe, adversity; if baked, success in business. To a woman, a dream of pears means that she will marry above her rank (Gordon. 1985). Bringing pear blossom into the house is unlucky. It signifies a death in the family (Vickery. 1995). Bartholomew Anglicus seems to have looked on pears with even greater mistrust. "Always", he said, "after eating of Pears, wine shall be drunk, for without wine Pears be venom"! It is said that water drunk from a well beside a pear tree is helpful for gout, and that pears are the natural antidote to mushroom poisoning (Cullum). (see also WARDEN PEAR)

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