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It is claimed that the condition can be allayed by holding a freshly cut slice of raw POTATO to the temples (R B Browne). BAY berries, too, at least according to Gerard, "stamped with a little Scammonie and saffron, and labored in a mortar with vinegar and oile of Roses to the form of a liniment, and applied to the temples and fore part of the head, do greatly ease the pain of the megrim", and he also advised "the juice of the leaves and roots" of DAISY to help "the megrim". CAMOMILE tea will help, both for migraine and any sort of headache (Schauenberg & Paris), and PELLITORY-OF-SPAIN was also used once. A leechdom from a 15th century collection advises sufferers to "take pellitory of Spain, and stone-scar [lichen] and hold long between thy teeth on the sore side; and chew it and it will run to water" (Dawson. 1934). The root of STINKING IRIS has the reputation of being a painkiller, and a migraine remedy (Conway).

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The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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