Melegueta Pepper

(Aframomum melegueta) Melegueta Pepper figures quite prominently in some traditional Yoruba sacrifical rites. Sometimes it accompanies Kola-nuts, and is eaten with them. It is also believed to facilitate the efficacy of a prayer or a curse. The officiating priest chews the pepper as he prays for a supplicant, or curses an offender (Awolalu). Various African peoples recommend that seven seeds of Melegueta Pepper, with a piece of paw-paw root, should be chewed during labour. It is supposed to cause an immediate delivery (Sofowora). The Mano people of Liberia had many uses for the seeds. Soaked in gin or palm wine, they were taken as a cure for colic. The seeds and buds are used for pneumonia, and for pain in the back a handful of buds is beaten up with white clay. Four grains of Piper guineense are added, also powdered. The patient sits on the floor, and the doctor puts the medicine on the sole of the foot, and makes four (three if the patient is a woman) strokes down the patient's back. Then he gives the rest of the medicine to the patient to rub himself as he likes. They tame a snake with this, too. The bud leaves are chewed, and spat on to the snake's head, to quiet it (Harley).

Melia azedarach > CHINABERRY TREE

Melia indica > NEEM TREE

Melilotus officinalis > MELILOT

Melissa officinalis > BEE BALM

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