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(Leonotis leonurus) Dagga is the South African term for cannabis, but it applies equally to this plant, which has come to many subtropical areas as an ornamental shrub. There is a dark green resinous exudate that can be got from the leaves that is smoked with tobacco. Or the young shoots that are about to flower are pinched out and smoked as a tobacco substitute under the name dagga-dagga. It is a narcotic, producing mild euphoria. It is also used for diseases such as leprosy, cardiac asthma, epilepsy, and snakebites (Emboden. 1979).

Lippia citriodora > LEMON VERBENA Lithospermum angustifolium > PUCCOON Lithospermum officinale > GROMWELL LIVER DISORDERS

AGRIMONY is the plant most associated with a medicine for liver complaints. Culpeper assured us that "it openeth and cleanseth the liver ...", and in fact that is what it was used for in Gaelic folk tradition (Beith). Gerard had already recommended the leaf decoction as "good for them that have naughty livers.", and herbalists still prescribe it as a liver tonic (it is sometimes known as Liverwort).

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Dealing With Asthma Naturally

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