(Consolida ambigua) A poisonous plant, with effects similar to those of Monkshood. English folklore has shown the connection between Mugwort and the Midsummer fires, but according to Grimm (or his translator), Larkspur and Monkshood were used in addition in Germany at the rites: "... whoso looketh into the fire thro' the same, hath never a sore eye all that year; he that would depart home unto his house, casteth this his plant into the fire, saying, 'So depart all mine ill-fortune and be burnt up with this herb' ".

It provides two pigments, delphinine for blue, and kaempferol for yellow (Schauenberg & Paris). The tincture of the seeds was used in cosmetic preparations, and also to treat asthma (Lindley). The seeds have also been used to destroy lice and nits in the hair (Grieve. 1931), a usage reported also in Alabama (R B Browne), hence a name given to the plant, Lousewort. The generic name, Consolida, shows that it must have been used as a consound at some time (Prior).

Lathraea squamaria > TOOTHWORT

Lathyrus latifolius > EVERLASTING PEA

Lathyrus montanus > BITTERVETCH

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