Japanese Mint

(Mentha arvensis "Piperascens") In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the dried powdered leaves of this mint were specially imported, to be carried in small silver boxes fastened to the belts of gentlemen, who would inhale a pinch whenever they felt like it (Genders. 1972).

Jasione montana > SHEEP'S BIT JASMINE

(Jasminum officinale) A symbol of grace, elegance and amiability, and an emblem of the Virgin Mary (Ferguson). A south Indian folktale tells of a king whose laugh would spontaneously spread the fragrance of jasmine for miles around (Classen, Howes & Synott). It is one of the many plants once supposed, mistakenly, to be aphrodisiac (Haining). In Italy, it is woven into bridal wreaths. There is a proverb that says that a girl who is worthy of being decorated with jasmine is rich enough for any husband (McDonald). Around Menton, however, they believed the bride whose husband offered her a bouquet of jasmine would die within the year (Sebillot). To dream of jasmine is generally a good omen, especially to lovers (Gordon. 1985), and in ancient times, one of the ways of practising capnomancy (divination by smoke) was by throwing seeds of jasmine or poppy in the fire, and watching the motion and density of the smoke. If it was thin, and shot up in a straight line, it was a good omen (Adams).

Jasminum nudiflorum > WINTER JASMINE

Jasminum officinale > JASMINE

Jasminum sambac > ARABIAN JASMINE

Jatropha curcas > PHYSIC NUT

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