Herb Pudding

was made from BISTORT leaves on Easter Day (or more properly at Passion-tide) boiled in broth with barley, chives, etc., and served to accompany veal and bacon. Easter Giants, or Easter Mangiants, both from the French manger, to eat, are other names for the pudding, and there is Ledger Pudding, as well. There a number of recipes. One given by Grigson, and said to come from Cumbria, runs: "pick young Easter Ledger leaves, and drop them with leaves of Dandelion, Lady's Mantle, or Nettle into boiling water and cook for 20 minutes. Strain and chop. Add a little boiled barley, a chopped egg (hard-boiled), butter, pepper, and salt. Heat in a saucepan and press into a pudding basin. Serve with veal and bacon". From the same general area, there is "equal quantities (about 1lb) of young bistorts and young nettles, a large onion, a teacup of barley, ^ teaspoon salt. Chop greens and onions and sprinkle washed barley among them, add salt. Boil in a muslin bag for about two hours. Before serving beat mixture in a dish with one egg and butter and flavour with salt and pepper ..." The final mixture was sometimes fried and eaten with bacon and eggs (Rowling). Another recipe is to wash and chop the leaves, boil them with onions and add oatmeal to thicken it up. Many people make enough to freeze, to have for breakfast on Christmas Day (J Smith. 1989). (see also DOCK PUDDING)

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