GREAT BURNET (Sanguisorba officinalis), besides being a wound herb in the usual sense, is able to deal with internal bleeding. As Gerard said, "Burnet is a singular good herb for wounds ... it stauncheth bleeding, and therefore it was named Sanguisorba [Latin sanguis, blood], as well inwardly taken as outwardly applied ...". But SHEPHERD'S PURSE is "the great specific for haemorrhages of all kinds", in Mrs Leyel's words (Leyel. 1937). A 17th century physician, Symcott by name, was treating a pregnant woman for blood loss. Then "a baggar woman told me that she would recover if she took shepherd's purse in her broth". She was cured (Beier). It is still being recommended for similar conditions, and even if we did not know that, old names like Stanche and Sanguinary would quickly point out the use.

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