Great Burnet

(Sanguisorba officinalis) By tradition, a stauncher of blood, perhaps from the colour of its flowers, which are of a dark crimson (the generic name, Sanguisorba, comes from Latin sanguis, blood). "Burnet is a singular good herb for wounds . it stauncheth bleeding and therefore it was named Sanguisorba, as well inwardly taken as outwardly applied" (Gerard), in other words, surface wounds as well as internal haemorrhages. The plant was actually called Bloodwort (Clair), or Burnet Bloodwort (Prior). An interesting fact, whether this use is from flower colour or not, is that it is taken in Chinese medicine for haemorrhages, too (Geng Junying), as well as for dysentery and other ailments. The leaves of Sweet Basil and Burnet steeped in boiling water make a cooling face wash (H N Webster).

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