A Scottish country cure for the condition was to take an infusion of BITING STONECROP (Beith). HOUSELEEK, too, is used, for this is a protector from fire and lightning, and so would be a medicine for the "fiery" diseases, and that includes erysipelas. One of the cures requires pounded houseleek in a little skimmed milk. The rash would be bathed with this several times a day (V G Hatfield. 1994). Gypsies would use the leaves of BLADDER CAMPION externally, as a poultice to cure the condition (Vesey-Fitzgerald). Gerard recommended WALL PENNYWORT for ". all inflammation and hot tumors, as Erysipelas, Saint Anthonies fire and such like". SHEPHERD'S PURSE, made up into an ointment, can be used, too (Vesey-Fitzgerald) (American Indians even used this plant for poison-ivy rashes (H H Smith. 1923) ). In Scotland, HERB ROBERT provided the remedy for this condition, also called the "rose". This may be doctrine of signatures, the red plant for the red skin condition (scarlet cloth would be used, too) (Gregor).

Euonymus atropurpureus > WAHOO

Euonymus europaeus > SPINDLE TREE

Euphorbia cyparissias > CYPRESS SPURGE

Euphorbia helioscopia > SUN SPURGE Euphorbia ingens > CANDELABRA TREE Euphorbia lathyris > CAPER SPURGE Euphorbia peplus > PETTY SPURGE Euphorbia pulcherrima > POINSETTIA

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