Edible Valerian

(Valeriana edulis) A species from the north-west coast of North America, and an evil-smelling plant, so much so that the Klamath Indians used to bury it with food in order to discourage animals from digging up stores. Even grizzly bears avoid it (Spier). On the other hand, some groups in that area cooked the roots in stone-lined pits in the ground, or made them into soup or bread. Not any more, though. For nowadays they are convinced the plant is poisonous (Yanovsky). Some groups used it medicinally. The Menomini, for instance, used it for for cuts and wounds, and it was taken as a tapeworm remedy, obviously successfully, for it is reported that after the worm was expelled it was washed clean, pulverized, and swallowed again, to make the patient fat and healthy once more! (H H Smith. 1923).

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